A Three Day Montana Mountain Running Celebration

September 4-6th, 2020 | Registration is now SOLD OUT | There will be no waitlists.

A Three Day Montana Mountain Running Celebration

September 4-6th, 2020 | Registration is now SOLD OUT | There will be no waitlists.


SUNDAY @ 6am SEPTEMBER 6, 2020

31 Miles / 50 K
Vertical Gain/Loss
10,500 FT / 3,200 Meters


September 5, 2020

17.6 Miles / 28 K
Vertical Gain/Loss
7,800 FT / 2,375 Meters


SUNDAY @ 7am

11 Kilometers
Vertical Gain/Loss
1,700 FT / 518 Meters

Lone Peak VK

FRIDAY @ 1pm
September 4, 2020

5 Kilometers
Vertical Gain
3,623 FT

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I want more.

This was like top 5 moments of my life. Lone Peak has destroyed my soul twice now and I want more.

Jordan G.
Boulder, CO

Absolutely original.

The toughest 50k lives up to its name, gorgeous views, great organization, just please be prepared for the ass-kicking of a lifetime.

Suresh S.
Chicago, IL

Beauty beyond belief.

Hardest (and slowest) 50K of my life; but, worth every grueling, lung-busting moment. Beauty beyond belief. Rugged running. Crazy rugged running.

Christian G.
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Thank you!

Truly an amazing life-altering experience and worth traveling from WI to participate. The race was very well organized and the volunteers were absolutely awesome – going so far as to help me remove and then take and fill my pack with HEED. The communication was top-notch from emails, a Facebook live event for course briefings and even an app with tracking ability. All of this very helpful for those us who have never run a challenging mountain course and live out of state.

Candice K.
Oak Creek, WI


Just. Wow.

Tabitha J.
Coeur D’ Alene, ID

Hardest race I’ve ever run.

Probably the most well run race I’ve ever been apart of. Family friendly, well organized and by far the hardest race I’ve ever run. Thank you for an amazing week!

Steve S.
Mount Royal, NJ

Absolutely amazing experience!

So well organized. I’ve run some big races and none even come close to comparing in organization everything from sign up, check in and the actual race was top notch. Volunteers at aid stations were the best also, extremely helpful and courteous of your needs. If you want an amazing experience and want to test yourself on one of the most technical and tough courses around then this is the race for you.

Jeff F.
Las Vegas, Nevada

One tough mofo of a race

Wasn’t as expected.. a LOT more intimidating than seen on videos or pics… those don’t do justice to the steepness and exposed sections of the terrain… at times it is just plain SCARY … volunteers are the best i’ve seen anywhere and the atmosphere the same!

Maxime L.
Montreal, Quebec