Rut Advocacy Partners

At The Rut, we love the trail and mountain running community, as well as the organizations doing important work in our space.  We are excited to partner with and highlight these great organizations that do so much in our little corner of the world. Click on the image to learn more about each partner and keep an eye out for them in our Rut base area this year!



Inclusive Outdoors Project

We are excited to continue our partnership with Bozeman-based organization Inclusive Outdoors Project in an effort to diversify our start line. Inclusive Outdoors Projects’ vision is to grow culturally cohesive practices and spaces within the greater outdoor narrative. Together, we are designating 75 spots at the Rut for folks who come from historically marginalized groups, including runners of color, runners with disabilities, and LGBTQIA2S+ athlete communities.
While anyone and everyone may go through the traditional registration process to sign up for the Rut when it opens to the public, we desire to also create space for a more diverse group of Rut Runners to attend our event. If you believe this may be you, and you do not register through our traditional process, we encourage you to fill out our application for entry. Additionally, there will be a limited scholarship program for those who desire financial assistance. The application period will be open from Jan 10th-24th.  The selections committee will reach out to all applicants by January 31st.
Thank you for working with us to make the Rut a more diverse and inclusive event and community of trail athletes!

Footprints Running Camp

What problems are facing your community, and why do you want to take action? You present that to us as your application to the camp. We choose ten people and their projects to join us for a week at Footprints Running Camp. Together, we learn from some of the smartest people in the industry about how to maximize your positive impact. We give you the knowledge and tools to implement your project over the long term. Then we tell the world about it, so other people can create their own solutions.

Big Sky SNO

We are partnering with Big Sky SNO to help us reduce the impact of our event. It is our goal to achieve a zero waste event in the coming years.

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