Rut Rules

Rut Runners Rules: (updated 1/04/22)

No Crewing  Crewing Rut Runners is not allowed in any Rut event.  Runners can only receive aid at aid stations from Rut volunteers and staff.  No aid can be received outside of aid stations.

Bibs  Bibs must be visible on the front of the body at all times.  If wearing layers be prepared to adjust your bib as needed.

Assisting a runner in need  If you encounter a runner in distress you must stop to assist them.  Not assisting a runner in need will result in disqualification.  Time spent rendering assistance to a fellow runner will be taken into account by race organizers to adjust finishing time.

Mandatory & Recommended Kit for 28K and 50K  – We now require carrying the essential gear to maintain a higher capacity for safety in the mountains during your Rut 28K and 50K Rut race. Learn about our mandatory and recommended gear here.

Staying on course  – The Rut courses are well marked and runners must stay on route at all times.  Cutting switchbacks or going off course is not allowed.  If you accidentally go off trail you must return to the point of departure from the course before continuing on the route.

Headphones – Due to the possibility of wildlife encounters, rockfall, and other hazards associated with mountain travel, we highly discourage the use of headphones.  If you insist on wearing headphones please use only one earbud or consider headphones using jawbone conduction which allows you to stay aware of your surroundings.

No external speakers – While you might be stoked to turn up Whitesnake’s “Here I go again on my own”  to full volume at 6 am when the 50K starts, there is a good chance the dozens of people within earshot may disagree.

Dropping Out – Runners may only drop at an aid station checkpoint.  In order to drop out find an aid station captain to record your drop.  Not doing so could result in unnecessary, timely, and costly search efforts.

Littering – Trash receptacles will be available at all aid stations. Runners must not dispose of trash on the racecourse outside of aid stations.

No pacing  – Runners may not be paced during any Rut race.

Poor sportsmanship toward or insulting any competitor or volunteer – This can result in immediate disqualification.

Anti Doping – All Rut Runners must comply with our Rut Clean Sport policy.

Prize Money and Overall Awards – If you would like to compete for overall awards or prize money in your event, you must start in Wave 1. Overall awards are based on gun time, not chip time.

Cutoff times  The course must be completed within the race cutoff times (Cutoffs can be found on each race page).  If a runner does not make an aid station cutoff they cannot continue. If they choose to continue against the request of the aid station captain they will be disqualified from the event and barred from entering future editions of the race.

Thank all volunteers and support your fellow competitors – Help us lift one another up and bring positivity to the culture of this event!

*Not adhering to any of the above rules can result in a time penalty or disqualification.  Ultimately it will come down to the race organizer’s discretion.   

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