2021 Rut COVID Guidelines and Protocols

Page updated on 12/14/2020

As we write these words today, December 14th, the first COVID vaccinations in the US are being administered. This gives us great hope for an improved situation regarding the COVID pandemic in 2021, and boosts our excitement for offering the Rut to you all in-person in September!

Of course, we know that the situation will continue to evolve between now and September, and no matter what things will look a little different for next year’s event.

While there is still uncertainty as we head into the 2021 Rut, know that your safety will always be our biggest priority.  We are communicating with the local health department and will be in close contact with them in the coming months.   As the situation evolves we are unable to say exactly what our COVID guidelines will be on race day; however, we can assure you that we will be fully transparent in our process and work to communicate often with you as our plans evolve.

Below are some of the potential actions we will take at our event should it feel appropriate to do so to keep our runners, volunteers, staff, and the Big Sky community safe.

  • Before the event: Communicate event plan with runners often leading into the event.  Ask runners who feel unwell or are showing signs and symptoms of COVID to stay home.
  • Masks: Wearing masks in the base area and at the start and finish of all events.  Masks can be removed while on the course, but worn while in aid stations, or when social distancing is not possible.
  • Base Area Flow:  Creating a flow in the base area which will limit two-way traffic and promote safe social distancing.
  • Sanitation of Touchpoints:  Provide hand sanitizer in key areas in the base area and on course.  Have volunteers sanitize touchpoints throughout the event weekend.
  • Aid Stations: Prepackaged food at aid stations. Design aid station flow to limit congestion.  Aid station workers wear masks and gloves.
  • Wave Starts:  Have more waves with smaller numbers of runners, or waves with a rolling start to further decrease congestion.
  • Course Modifications:  Potentially alter the initial few miles of our courses to have more dirt road, vs, single-track trail to prevent congestion.
  • Social Distancing:  Create flow and capacity restrictions and put systems in place to promote social distancing throughout the event.
  • Awards Ceremony:  Host awards ceremony in a way that is safe for runners and volunteers.

**Again, these protocols and guidelines will evolve over time.  We are working closely with our local health officials and we will communicate with you often.**

Of course, if you do not feel comfortable with the idea of an in-person event in 2021 we respect your decision.  If you’d like to still be a part of the Rut we are offering the virtual Rut in tandem with the in-person event in 2021.  Find all Rut Virtual Run details HERE.

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