We are excited to bring our Bozeman Rut Runners a few fun suggested options for their Rut Virtual Runs courses this year.  

You can click on the link of each route and choose to “export” the routes GPX or KLM file to your phone or watch.  Hopefully, this gives our Bozeman Rut Runners some inspiration!  A reminder that you do not have to do these routes to participate in the RVR. These are just some suggested routes on trails in the Bozeman area!

11K Course:  6.55 Miles  | 2100 ft of elevation gain.

This course is a great point to point from Sypes Canyon trailhead to the M Trailhead.


28K Course:  17.6 Miles | 6800 ft of elevation gain

This course starts at the Blackmore Trailhead near the Hialyte reservoir and summits Blackmore Peak before looping back to the Trailhead via South Cottonwood and History Rock Trail.


50K Course: 32.55 Miles | 12,500 ft of elevation gain

This very challenging 50K route takes you from the M Trailhead in the Bridgers, along the Bridger Foothills Trail to Ross Pass,  From Ross Pass go along the east side of the Bridgers to Bridger Bowl Ski Area.  Gain the ridge again and head south all the way back to Mt Baldy and descending into the M Trailhead again to the finish.


VK Course: 3’ish miles | 3280 ft. of elevation gain.

The VK route goes straight up Mt Baldy from the M Trailhead.  Take the steepest trail and go until you have hit 3280 ft of climbing!.