The Rut Mtn Runs App

Why download the Rut App?

  • Be the first to get any last-minute race updates through app notifications.
  • Course maps
  • Schedule of events
  • Race info
  • Runner Progress Update-  Get notified when your runner crosses a split mat on the course.

IMPORTANT “LIVE TRACKING” INFO: Runner Progress is marketed as “Live Tracking” though this is not the case.  It will update and show you when your runner went through the last split point. We have one at each aid station this year, which should help immensely.  It then estimates when they will come to the next aid station. This is often inaccurate as it does not take into account the elevation gain and loss between aid stations. So do not put much trust in this number. The major benefit of this portion of the app is to notify you when each runner comes through each aid station.  You can then more accurately predict how they are doing on the course.

Download the app for iOS or Android via the links below!

These links download the competitive timing app, which then has the Rut within it.